Discover the most beautiful region of Southern Poland and Slovakia Visit Zakopane - the most famous mountain resort in Poland Explore Orava Castle - one of the most visited landmarks in Slovakia Travel in comfort and style with experienced English speaking driver Try local specialites from Zakopane and Slovakia

Zakopane - town at the foot of Tatra Mountains

Area of Zakopane is regarded as a one of the most attractive tourist regions in Poland. Zakopane town, located 110 kilometers (70 miles) south of Krakow is known as a 'winter capital of Poland'. Great modern ski slopes and plenty of hotels and guesthouses attract skiers and snowboarders from all over the world.

In Zakopane tourist season lasts all year long! The Tatra mountains, hills of Podhale, as well as center of Zakopane itself are ideal places for walks and hikes. Here in the crystal clear air You can admire amazing landscapes of Tatra Mountains, taste local specialities and get familiar with regional folk music and culture

Zakopane Tour on the way too Budapest adds approximately 4 hours to schedule and includes: visit at Chocholow wooden village, tasting smoked cheese in Bacowka, chairlift from Gubalowka mountain and time for yourself at Zakopane's downtown. There are plenty of restaurants and streetfood in Zakopane so you can have your lunch break here. However if you'd like to try something different, we can stop 1,5 hour later in Slovakia, so you will have a chance to get familiar with a cousine from one more country. For souvenire purchase we recommend to have some cash ( Polish Zlotys ), as it's rare that local traders have credit card terminals. Tickets for chairlift ride costs about 10PLN per person and can be paid by card. Smoked cheese tasting is included in our price ;)

Orava Castle

Situated around 2 hours drive from Krakow, its one of the most impressive and best preserved Castels you can see not only in Slovakia but in whole Central Europe. It dates back to 13th century and was built on a rocky cliff surrounded by Orava river as a fortress protecting important trail to Poland. Through the centuries Oravsky Castle was a a property of many aristocrats, nobelmen and lords, operating as an important military and administrative centre in Orava region. Its unique location and construction made it unreachable for any siege. Many invaders tried to get in, but all their tries failed.

Today Orava Castle is available for everyone all year round except April which is a time when they do all preservation works there. Based on duration there are 3 types of tours ( 45 minutes, 1,5 hour and 2:45 ). We recommend to take main tour ( 1,5 hours ) which includes all most most impressive parts of the Castle and exhibitions.

Most of the tours are conducted in Slovak language, but there is no problem as they made an app for Apple and Android devices, you can download and use your phone as an audio guide. In that case you follow group led my Slovak speaking guide and listen to pretty much the same what he/she says using an app in your phone. In July and August there are also 2 regular English Tours. If you will travel in these months we will check for you times they start and set departure to get there on time.

Cost of ticket for main tour is 7EUR per person (adults) and 3,5 EUR per person ( children, students, pensioners). There is a nice restaurant nearby the Castle, where you can have a lunch before setting of for next part of the journey to Budapest.

Timelapse from private transfer from Krakow to Budapest in November

Three minutes timelapse from our 6 hours drive from Krakow to Budapest in November.